WeB and Digital

Gartshore Group

Mockups in Illustrator

Concept for Gartshore website redesign. They ended up going with a different visual direction, but I really like the set I made at this point in development, so here I present it. I used their current strong branding as a starting point and brought the typographic and colour themes through the whole site, paired with a modern layout.


Oyasumi Chrome Extension

Mockups in Figma, logo in Illustrator

Concept and planning work for a productivity chrome extension. Simple but hopefully useful. At a certain time it would redirect all web pages to the block screen, as seen on the Mac here, to encourage a healthy sleep schedule. Oyasumi means “goodnight” in Japanese. The block screen uses dark colours and lower contrast to encourage tiredness, in contrast to the normal peach.

The bottom right shows the option screen for possible future functionality, where lists of sites could be made to either block or exclude from blocking during certain times and days of the week.


AVT Website concept

Mockup in Illustrator

Concept for Australian vet training school website update. Bringing through their branding to applyy to some possible common web pieces, since the content is till undecided.


Tauranga startup weekend - FLNT

Mockups in Illustrator

Judged team with the best start-up idea at Tauranga Start-up Weekend with the app FLNT, a tool to allow CEO's to quickly and easily see suggestions from their employees, straight from the source. Received very positive feedback on the logo and UI design (my main contributions), even so far as that it was an integral part of our success.


Futura Type Showcase

Screenshots of website

Here's a website explaining the features of a typeface. While structurally my skills have improved by leaps and bounds since this project, I still like the site's visual design. I used Futura's geometric nature as inspiration for the graphic elements.