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Curriculum Vitae


Designer at PeppaTree Design, Print and Sign, Nov 2016-Jan 2017.
Provided design services as well as print preparation and production. Learned a lot of new systems and a new program (all legacy files and a lot of new production was in CorelDraw), how to run all the different printers, pitfalls and troubleshooting. I also communicated with clients to get them solutions they were happy with. Was let go in the trial period due to the director not thinking I could handle the business as the sole designer during her maternity leave. I would have liked to be given a chance but I respect her decision to not take the risk.

Freelance Designer at Studio 64, Dec 2015-Nov 2016.
Subcontracted at a shared workspace, offering my services so the other residents can extend their workloads. I learned a lot about design technique and workflow and to adjust them to the client, as well as some business acumen. I also picked up a lot more InDesign. Started looking for full-time employment for the stability.

Web Designer at Acropixel Ltd, Jan 2014-Nov 2014.
Only designer at a small start-up. We updated tourism websites and converting them to WordPress, while building a new tourism booking service. I was in charge of all visual design, HTML and CSS. I also handled WordPress theme feature implementation and management. I worked extensively with the WordPress API, learning a new content management system from scratch. I learned to be self-sufficient and directed, and to have confidence in my decisions. Employment stopped when a major project ended prematurely - a 3rd party delayed collaboration with our client for 6 months, and we were relying on that income, so the company had to be put into hibernation.


Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design from the University of Waikato, Feb 2011 - Nov 2013.
Coursera courses completed: Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Digital Sound Design (Distinction)
NCEA Level 3 Aquinas College Tauranga, 2004-2010.



  • Unified branding
  • Logo design
  • Typography
  • Web design
  • WordPress development
  • UI/UX design
  • Illustration
  • Motion graphics
  • Video editing

Programs / Languages:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • After Effects
  • CorelDraw
  • HTML5 & CSS3, SCSS
  • High English proficiency
  • Conversational Spanish


I understand a lot of what someone values in an employee or colleague is intangible, so I wrote a stream of consciousness of things I am interested in or value. This personal summary in tag form may help form a general impression of what I’m about, visually and personally.

Lighting    shadow    contrast of all kinds    thematic dissonance    balance    colour, colour, colour    Sparth    Violaine & Jérémy    the Design Republic    Nick de Jardine    Junji Ito    monster designs    conveying emotion    triangles     digital artifacting     space     sci-fi aesthetics+concepts    typography great and terrible   wordplay    narrative    minimalism    white space    flat design     well-done easing    thoughtful anime    League of Legends    Alphonse Mucha    travel    sunsets    Italian food    eating well    aikido    comfort     self-improvement    learning    honesty     cold showers    confidence    self-awareness    playing devil’s advocate    understanding    acceptance.


First place team at Tauranga Startup Weekend 2015.
Judged team with the best start-up idea and execution at Tauranga Start-up Weekend with FLNT - an app to allow CEO's to quickly and easily see suggestions from employees, straight from the source. Received very positive feedback on the logo and UI design (my main contributions), even so far as that it was an integral part of our success.

Volunteer Work

  • Ongoing graphic design services for The Incubator, an organisation supporting local art.
  • Volunteer at the Tauranga Arts Festival, specifically helping with the Luminarium and Community Day. Roles included managing the front of house (tickets, people flow), stewarding inside the structure and giving the introductory speech.


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