PRINT & branding

Dodger Logo Ecosystem

Logo system for a popular YouTuber covering all the different names she uses, as well a new profile picture. I tried to get the feeling of her content through, which is playful, earnest and approachable. Also she really likes cats.

The profile picture is a redesign/update of an existing one that she seems happy with. I kept the idea but made it more dynamic and cartoony.

Alternate Movie Posters

A few movie posters I made for personal enjoyment. Trying to push the design as far as possible while also keeping the themes of the movie in mind. That her poster is my favourite piece of design so far aesthetically.


Jimages exhibition brochure

Brochure for a photographic exhibition focusing on surf and beach photography. Made bold colour choices to make the cover stand out, while keeping the images on a neutral background so they aren't affected by local colour relativity.


Applied Vocational Training - Collateral Updates

Applied Vocational Training is a veterinary training school in Perth, Australia. These are some banners I made for their careers expo stalls. They already had some basic branding so my job was to make something striking within the guidelines, as well as establish some iconic graphical elements to use in print material in the future.


Various Greetings Cards

Fun to do as simple creative excercises. The gold one for Stephen Lace originally using their logo to make a simple scene with the tree and moon, but ended up simplifying it even further. The brand’s colours were vaguely festive so that helped.

The birthday ones are made with custom lettering, I enjoyed making the letterforms fit with each other from the original idea, and experimenting with different colour combinations. Tried to avoid cliches there.


wedding invitations

Another more creative venture. Enjoyed making the patterns for these ones.



I designed this branding solution for a small staffing company who supplies temporary staff to catering companies. They came to me with a basic logo and I iterated to improve it, then made them a simple business card design. They wanted a general card for the company and also individual employee cards which I made a template for. The font wasn't my first choice but the client is the one that should be happy with the final product, and happy they were. Posted as-is with permission.


Team Composition Physical Component

These are accompanying graphics for my team composition video, which can be seen here. The banner to the left summarises the information laid out in the video, while the poster below expands upon it and adds information on the interactions between the elements. These two are meant to expand and support the video while also providing useful information if viewed separately.