Motion Graphics

Theory of Light Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography of the poem Theory of Light by Joan Fleming. Very happy with the visualisation in this and some of the effects I managed to pull off. It helps that the poem is so visual, giving me very clear imagery I was able to translate to animation.

Team Compositions video

The video explains the information in this article in a summarised and simplified way, using a visual format to aid understanding of complex concepts. I designed all the representative logos and created abstracted versions of game interactions using animation. The video is aimed at people who already play the game to a low/middling level but are looking for tips on how to improve. I have been told it is effective by that target audience. I also designed some accompanying static infographics visible in the print design category.

Sketch TV Idents

Sketch TV is a theoretical satellite channel aimed at artistic tutorial and community videos, mainly illustration. These TV idents display the channel's identity in a simple yet effective manner, re-using previous assets made for print/branding material and bringing them to life.

Game of Thrones-Inspired Maya Castle Animation

It's been a while since I used Maya but I'm still proud of my first longer animation. It makes use of multiple instances of simple animation to produce a more impressive, complicated result. Instead of the result being a portfolio piece or somehting I want to do specifically, this should show that I can pick up new programmes and can make something effective working within my current capabilities, instead of biting off more than I can chew - while learning a whole lot along the way for the next time I need it.