Web  Design  and  Development

Gartshore Group

Concept for Gartshore website redesign. They ended up going with a different visual direction, but I really like the set I made at this point in development, so here I present it. I used their current strong branding as a starting point and brought the typographic and colour themes through the whole site, paired with a modern layout.


Tauranga startup weekend - FLNT

Judged team with the best start-up idea at Tauranga Start-up Weekend with the app FLNT, a tool to allow CEO's to quickly and easily see suggestions from their employees, straight from the source. Received very positive feedback on the logo and UI design (my main contributions), even so far as that it was an integral part of our success.

Currently, Midlands Health has stated interest in helping us develop the app, as long as we provide what they require from it. This included refocus to the desktop. The functionality has changed somewhat, but the core idea of improving employee engagement with their work and constant internal improvement remains. Mockup screens for the new desktop and the original mobile version can be seen below.


Taoist Tai Chi Society

Unsolicited redesign I have been working on in my spare time as a personal project. The current website loads very quickly due to streamlined content. I wanted to keep that as intact as possible by keeping the design simple and focusing on the typography and clarity, and avoiding bloat like javascript libraries or even multiple images.

A challenge was working with the Chinese characters which have a limited font availability, so it was interesting seeing what options are available for that and to ensure it fit with the overall design.


New Zealand by Rail

Outcome of railnewzealand.com redesign. The image of the site on various devices is a mock-up, but all others are of the site on the preview server (after we had to change colour schemes). The design was achieved by extensively re-purposing the Travelo WordPress theme, visible in the first image for comparison. An in-browser preview is at travelo.umbrella.al/new/

I was in charge of all HTML building and editing, and the new CSS for the site. The search results are laid out well, balancing information density by offering an easily digestible initial set, expandable if required. I'm also pleased we managed the map and search functions pushing into a side tab at smaller sizes (images 4 and 5). 



A site re-design which actually went live, the re-designed TravelCom site branched off the New Zealand by Rail project at a certain milestone in order to save development time. It uses the same parent WordPress theme but with an updated front page and content layout.


Futura Type Showcase

Here's a website explaining the features of a typeface. While structurally my skills have improved by leaps and bounds since this project, I still like the site's visual design. I used Futura's geometric nature as inspiration for the graphic elements.