Web  Design  and  Development

Taoist Tai Chi Society

Charity redesign I have been working on in my spare time. The website loads very quickly due to streamlined content, I wanted to keep that as intact as possible by keeping the design simple and focusing on the typography and clarity.

New Zealand by Rail

Outcome of railnewzealand.com redesign. The images of the site at various screen sizes are mock-up made in Illustrator showing the site's estimated responsiveness, and the others are live views of the site after we were forced to change colour schemes. This includes a responsive view and responsive view with the mobile search menu open. The design was achieved by extensively re-purposing the Travelo WordPress theme with a child theme. The original Travelo theme can be seen here for comparison, with a preview browsable at travelo.umbrella.al/new/. I was in charge of all HTML building/editing, and the new CSS for the site (All 1000+ lines of it). I am quite pleased with how the search results are laid out, with specifics hidden under a jQuery dropdown, and the tidying up of the main page at mobile sizes with the map and search functions being pushed into a tab on the side. 


A site re-design which actually went live, the re-designed TravelCom site branched off the New Zealand by Rail project at a certain milestone in order to save development time, so it uses the same parent WordPress theme but with an updated front page and content layout.

Other Projects

Various other pieces of work that never ended up being used for reasons beyond my control. The first image is a potential upcoming travel booking website. The layout is a redesign of the BookYourTravel WordPress theme. The website elements were changed to fit a Flat style, and the fonts and colours were changed as well.

The second image depicts 1 of 18 pages of a redesign for a travel and accommodation booking network back-end for use by the agents, using Bootstrap. A lot of the spacing rules were changed as the client wanted a lot of information density on screen.

The last image is a WordPress port for a small tourism operator's website. It was done as a test project for a new workflow, and I guess the website owners just haven't got around to updating it yet.

Futura Type Showcase

This was a university project to make a website explaining the features of a typeface. Both general typeface anatomy and specific design traits of the chosen typeface were to be included, as well as a few paragraphs of the typeface's history. This was one of the first websites I made, and while structurally my skills have improved since this project by leaps and bounds, I am still quite pleased with the site's design, using the typeface's geometric nature as inspiration for the graphic elements.

Sketch TV

This is the website component of branding material for a fictional TV channel focusing on artistic endeavours. Pictures below are of the final HTML. Coding was completed in 12 hours as a challenge to myself to work faster.  Good planning was key.